Chakrata - Places to Visit and How to Reach

Chakrata – Places to Visit and How to Reach

Chakrata is a hill station town located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state, situated at 2118 meters. This place was originally a cantonment town of the British Indian Army. Chakrata, at a distance of 98 km from Dehradun, is known for its serene and pollution-free environment.

Chakrata is a perfect place for nature lovers and trekkers. Walking far in the evergreen conifers here has its fun. In the dense forests spread far and wide in Chakrata, there are attractive villages of the Jaunsari tribe.

Chakrata is known for its serene atmosphere and pollution-free environment. It offers a fascinating landscape for trekkers and nature lovers. Chakrata was founded by Colonel Hume and his fellow officers, belonging to the 55 Regiment of the British Army.

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Considering the atmosphere of Chakrata, the British used this place as a summer army base. This city comes under the Jaunsar-Bawar region of Uttarakhand and is very famous for Mount Climbing, Trekking, Skiing, Nature Lover, Wildlife. The forests around Chakrata Hill Station include panthers, spotted deer, wild creatures besides beautiful vegetation, etc. This is a place where you will be able to stay away from the city’s pollution with breathtaking views on a low budget. Being less popular among tourists, it is a bit cheaper to live and eat here, but nature’s beauty is no less than any famous hill station.

Places to visit in Chakrata

Tiger Falls (Major Attraction of Chakrata Hill Station)

Tiger Falls is a significant attraction of Chakrata Hill Station. It is a lovely picnic spot where you have to trek 5 km to reach it. The waterfall falling in a small pond from a high place looks very beautiful; you can also enjoy bathing in the falling waterfall. This is such a waterfall from which the sound of a tiger’s growl comes; hence its name is Tiger Fall. After listening to the noise of the waterfall and the chirping of birds, it would seem that there is no going back from here. You can have a great picnic at Tiger Falls.

Devban Bird Watching (Tourist Spot Surrounded by Forests)

Devban is a great tourist spot surrounded by forests at about 13 km from Chakrata Hill Station. Situated at an altitude of 2200 meters, Deoban is surrounded by deodar forests and snow-capped mountains. Exemplary mountain ranges of the Himalayas can be seen from here. A unique species of birds can be seen here. Apart from this, you can see different types of birds here like – Russet Sparrow, Yellow Crowd Woodpecker, Himalayan Woodpecker, Common Hawk Cuckoo and Cinereous Vulture, etc. If you like adventure and want to see the beauty of the mountains up close, then do not forget to visit Devban.

Kanasar (Surrounded by Dense Rainforests)

Surrounded by high hills and dense rainforests, this place is an ideal place for tourists. It is located 26 km from Chakrata and is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. Apart from this, if you like camping in the mountains or want to go rafting, Kanasar in Chakrata is perfect. Here you will find luxury camps and tents for camping at the right price.

Lakhamandal (Historical and Mythological Presence)

Lakhamandal has historical and mythological importance, and there is a belief about this place that Pandavas had come and rested here. There is a collection of 1.25 lakh Shivlings in this entire area of ​​Lakhamandal; apart from Lord Shiva, idols of other deities are placed here. Lakhamandal is situated at an altitude of 1372 meters above sea level at the northern end of the Yamuna River. It is located at a distance of 60 km from Chakrata. The Lakshagriha and Lakhamandal mentioned in the Mahabharata is where Duryodhana tried to kill the Pandavas by burning them. That cave still exists in Lakhamandal, through which the Pandavas came out safely. After this, the Pandavas lived for a month in Chakra Nagri, which is today known as Chakrata.

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Ramtal Garden (Excellent Picnic Spot)

Ramtal Garden is on the Chakrata-Mussoorie road, 9 km from Chakrata. This garden is 30 meters long and 20 meters wide and is an excellent place for a picnic.

Mundali (Famous for Skiing)

If you are fond of trekking and want to spend some moments of peace sitting alone in the forests of Chakrata, then head to Mundali. Situated at an altitude of about 10000 feet near Chakrata, there are hills of Mundali and Khandba, from where you can easily see the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas. Apart from this, Mundali is also famous for skiing; this place is becoming a favorite for trekkers.

Budher Cave (One of the Finest Forests in Asia)

Budher Cave is situated at an altitude of 2800 meters at a distance of 30 km from Chakrata. Budher is one of the finest forests in Asia. Due to the abundance of limestone, there are many small and big caves. It is believed that these caves were built by the Pandavas, which is a perfect place for adventure.

Water-Repelling (Waterfall Falling from Mountains)

There are many places in Chakrata where you can enjoy water-repelling. Rappelling in a waterfall falling from the mountains is as much fun as it is adventurous.

If you want to spend a few moments in peace away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, then Chakrata is the perfect place. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty as well as exciting sports. Chakrata makes you feel heaven on earth. Asia’s most comprehensive and tallest pine tree is also present here, and the trees are so high that seeing it makes your hat fall from your head. If you do not have any planning this weekend, then you can head here.

You can opt for the air route, rail route, and road to reach Chakrata

By Air – If you opt for the air route, the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is located at a distance of 113 km from Chakrata. Bus or taxi services can be taken from here to reach Chakrata.

By Rail – The nearest railway station from Chakrata is Dehradun Railway Station, from here one can easily reach Chakrata by taxi.

By Road – The distance from Dehradun to Chakrata is about 90 km by road. From Dehradun, you can easily reach Chakrata by bus, taxi, or other small vehicles.

March to June and October to December are the best time to enjoy the beautiful valleys of Chakrata. It started rains from the end of June to the middle of September, freezing in winter.

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