VitrA’s Plural: An Aura of Luxury

PNN/ Faridabad: VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division introduces its Plural Series. Designed by award-winning designer Terri Pecora in collaboration with the VitrA design team, this series will enhance and uplift your bathroom aesthetics. Light and airy furniture is creatively embedded into the bathroom environment, introducing a welcoming domestic space where users can share time with each other.

Plural series that offers the feeling of vintage living room, inspired by the iconic mid 20thcentury look. Terri Pecora reimagined the washroom as a living space, using smooth, rounded edges and heavier woods to emulate furniture usually found in other rooms of the home. The re-definition of the modern bathroom also presents new solutions for designed plumbing components. All interrelated items have a wide selection of size options, harmonious forms and colour varieties. It is a sophisticated combination of solid wood and ceramic. Inspired by the heritage of communal bathing spaces and rituals, it presents the bathroom as an informal living space. These elegant organically shaped design elements can be used in multiple combinations to form a personalized intimate setting, while a neutral colour palette and American Walnut wood finish bring a sense of warmth and domesticity. This series has free-standing bathroom components that include urinals, WCs and bidets. Plural also has a small counter top washbasins, different vanity unit options and accessories including a rotating mirror and wall mounted shelf with or without a suspended towel rail. Each element in this series is designed to transform bathrooms from solo spaces to family spaces. Every detail, from the double washbasin and shareable mirror to harmonious and warm color combinations, come together to improve comfort, with timeless yet modern elegance. The wall-hanging mirror rotates and moves in all directions, also presenting the option to mount vertically or horizontally.

Beautifully shaped by the cooperation of innovation and design, free-standing washbasins are among the most attractive pieces of this collection. Thanks to their innovative flush systems, Plural washbasins can be positioned away from the wall, adding lightness and spaciousness to bathrooms by increasing the area for movement. Technologically advanced three syphon solutions conceal the untidy look of pipes and allow the mounting of washbasins in any part of the room. These innovative pieces are also ideal for guest bedrooms with attached bathrooms, for hotels and hospitality spaces.

Plural’s refined design language creates an atmosphere of sensual luxury. With an inventive mix and match of form, finishes and colours. It brings objects and people together in a delightfully harmonious bathroom environment.


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