Get the Best Safety Wears & PPEs for Your Workstation

Get the Best Safety Wears & PPEs for Your Workstation

Personal protection equipment kits are a crucial aspect of various industries where employees need to perform under different critical conditions. Engineers, mechanics, and technicians wear such PPEs and safety wear kits to keep them protected against any kind of physical injury at their workplaces. They often face several precarious conditions during their work and safety should never be compromised at such workplaces. Any avoidance or ignorance related to PPEs can cause severe damages to your employees and it is “you” who have to bear heavy expenditures in case of any accidental situation. Henchman Products is a leading supplier of all kinds of advanced tools and equipment along with offering all kinds of safety wear and PPEs.

Hence you must understand the need the essence of providing PPEs and safety wears for your employees. This article will guide you through some crucial aspects of employing PPEs at your workstation.

Get the Best Safety Wears & PPEs for Your Workstation

Cat 4 Flash Suits

Technicians who often need to work near high potential energized areas or equipment need to protect themselves from electrocution and arc flash. The Cat 4 Arc Flash Hood with a cooling fan from Henchman gives you complete protection against any dangerous electric current. The PPE kit meets all ASTM standards to offer you absolute comfort along with safety. It is flame/arc-resistant and is available in navy blue color. Using Knipex Cobra pliers will also offer much convenience and flexibility in performing safe and secure repair works.

Arc Flash Face Shield

This is a compact and effective kit that keeps your face and head protected against low-level arc hazards and offers up to 70% visual light transmission. It is made of a propionate lens which is well known for its resistance against flames and heat. Knipex tools also ensure safe and secure operations at critical workplaces. It comes with complete wrap-around side extensions which gives you absolute security against highly inflammable areas. It is also available with Ratchet hard hat. You can even order a complete PPE kit from Henchman on special order.

Arc Flame Resistant Bib Overall Navy

Overall suits are widely used by various electricians and technicians who need to perform various critical repair and maintenance tasks at risky sites. The all-new arc flame-resistant bib overalls from Henchman give you complete protection against heat and electricity. The overall is made of 88% cotton and meets all ASTM standards. Using Knipex alligator is another way to get safe-hand repair works done easily.

Ear Muffs

Technicians, mechanics, and even some other staff need to perform their duties in some obstreperous areas where heavy machinery and plants can directly affect their hearing capacities if it is not taken proper care of. You can get an extensive range of high-quality ear muffs from Henchman which will keep your ears protected against such loud-noised environments. The H540A Earmuffs are extremely capable of offering complete protection to your ears against any loud noise and you can focus on your work better.

Safety Glasses

You can also explore a wide range of exclusive quality safety glasses to keep your eyes protected against any high inflammation or high voltage areas. The EVS 300 glasses and Eco 340 glasses are wrapped around UV protective polycarbonate lenses with splash/spray guards perfectly to offer complete security to your eyes. These clear safety glasses with adjustable side arms will give your eyes immense protection against any harmful radiation or inflammation.

Sneeze Guard Counter Barriers

The current pandemic has evoked the need for complete protection against any bacterial infection caused due to sneezing and getting in direct contact with an infected person. These sneeze guard barriers are an effective way to keep you secure and are best suitable for any type of organization where a lot of people come to visit throughout the day. Ever since the pandemic has hit several nations, henchman has delivered these sneeze guard counter barriers to various different organizations as there is a great demand for such protective work set-ups all around the world.

Flame Resistant Gloves

These exclusive work gloves offer arc flash resistance, flame resistance, and high-cut protection in a comfortable ergonomic design. Use Knipex insulated pliers to ensure better and secure operations. These flame-resistant work gloves offer an industry-leading Arc Flash Hazard/Risk Category 2 design that helps protect workers against electrical arc flash hazards. Its soft foam coating and ergonomic design for outstanding flexibility offer a secure grip in a variety of work environments.

Henchman Products is a one-stop solution for all your tool like a basic flashlight, atlas Copco torque tools, electronic workbench, and PPE kit requirements where you can explore a wide range of highly advanced tools and equipment along with such PPE kits. If you have a different requirement for your work environment, you can place a quote at Henchman explaining your requirements and it will deliver better than what you have expected out of it.

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